Independent Medical Exams


Dr. Trampush conducts independent neurocognitive and personality medical examinations (IMEs) in the medicolegal context for both private law firms and federal agencies as an expert witness. To purpose of this work is to identify the impact of neurodevelopmental disorders, traumatic brain injuries, and traumatic stress on clients, assisting in determining appropriate compensation, sentencing, and treatment strategies.

Overview of Exam Procedures

The process involves comprehensive evaluations for individuals experiencing psychological or neuropsychological issues due to various factors, including but not limited to developmental history, medical history, injuries or traumatic events. The focus is on creating medical-legal reports that cater to the specific needs of clients requiring unbiased disability assessments.

The evaluations are based on a reasonable degree of medical certainty and utilize evidence-based psychological and neuropsychological tests. The goal is to ascertain the impact of the event on the individual and suggest treatment options aimed at enhancing their quality of life.

Key points:

  • Evaluations are thorough: We employ a comprehensive approach to assess the impact of injuries or trauma on psychological and neuropsychological functioning.
  • Reports are impartial and evidence-based: Our medical-legal reports are grounded in evidence-based testing and objective analysis, ensuring unbiased conclusions.
  • We identify impact and provide recommendations: We assess how events affected the individual and offer treatment suggestions to improve their quality of life.
  • Common reasons for testing: The document lists various situations where such evaluations are often requested, including emotional distress, discrimination, trauma exposure, accidents, and legal matters.

Focus on Impact and Potential Solutions

The assessment aims to identify how the event affected the individual. Treatment recommendations are provided to improve the individual’s quality of life.

After we complete the evaluation, we will write a comprehensive report that integrates our findings, reviews the course of the injury, discusses your or your client’s prognosis, and provide appropriate recommendations.