General Forensic Services

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Forensic neuropsychological evaluations are critical in legal settings, blending the expertise of neuropsychology with legal requirements. With our extensive experience and qualifications in this field, clients are assured of comprehensive and ethical evaluations.

What is Forensic Neuropsychology?


Forensic neuropsychology is a specialized branch of neuropsychology that applies its principles to legal matters.


It goes beyond general neuropsychology by focusing on issues such as competency and criminal responsibility.


These evaluations are essential in various legal contexts, aiding in decision-making processes.

Services Offered

We provide several types of evaluations, including competency evaluations and criminal responsibility assessments, following evidence-based practices and ethical guidelines.

Who Can Benefit?

Our services are beneficial to lawyers, courts, and insurance companies, providing essential insights in legal cases.

The Process


Potential clients can start with a consultation to understand their needs.

Assessment Process

Our assessment process is thorough, tailored to each case.

Fee Schedule

Dr. Trampush’s fee schedule for forensic neuropsychological services is available here.

Contact Information

For scheduling and more information, please Contact us.