Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions about our neuropsychological evaluation services

Frequently asked questions about our neuropsychological evaluations.

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Overview of the Practice

BrainWorkup Neuropsychology, LLC is a pediatric and adult clinical neuropsychology practice. Our mission is to better educate our community about neurocognitive functioning and the importance of monitoring our own brain health. We are trained in developmental neuropsychology, and as such, have the capacity to evaluate anyone in any stage of life, from children to teens to older adults.

Your initial evaluation will serve as a baseline benchmark of neurocognitive functioning. Any follow-up evaluations you undergo here or elsewhere can then be compared to your baseline results in order to track changes in neurocognitive functions over time. Serial evaluations are often of clinical value. Using these quantitative test instruments, we can evaluate the effects of a particular treatment, surgical procedure or passage of time; and monitor recovery, deterioration or stabilization of function. Importantly, we only use evidence-based tests grounded in contemporary neuroscientific research.

Real-World Applications

Performance on the neurocognitive tests that we use has remarkable predictive value across a diverse range of social, health and behavioral outcomes (Deary et al., 2011). As examples, neurocognitive performance has been shown to be a better predictor of mortality from heart disease than smoking, blood glucose and cholesterol (Batty et al., 2008), can predict how long people live (Deary, 2008), and is associated with educational attainment and earned income (Johnson et al., 2009). Furthermore, deficits in neurocognitive performance are pervasive in most psychiatric (e.g., ADHD and depression) and neurologic (e.g., dementia and Parkinson’s disease) disorders (Millan et al., 2012). As such, the results of your workup will allow us to provide you with objective information for improving and/or maintaining your cognitive and emotional well being.

What is a Neuropsychological Evaluation?

Dr. Trampush contributed to this article explaining hat a neuropsychological evaluation is and why it is important:

Our evaluations typically include:

  • A neurobehavioral status exam and clinical interview to gather background information on psychological, medical, educational, and social aspects, alongside current cognitive and psychological functioning.

  • Review of relevant medical, psychological, and educational records for a comprehensive understanding of your psychological and academic history.

  • Administration of neurocognitive and neurobehavioral tests to assess strengths and weaknesses, including:

    • General Cognitive Ability
    • Academic Skills (reading, writing, spelling, math)
    • Verbal/Language
    • Visual Perception/Construction
    • Attention/Executive
    • Memory
    • Sensorimotor
    • Social Cognition
    • ADHD/Executive Function
    • Emotional/Behavioral/Personality

Following the evaluation, we will compile a detailed report integrating our findings. This report will be provided to you, your school, and any relevant organizations for academic accommodations. Additionally, a feedback session will be conducted to discuss the results and treatment recommendations.

Our Objective

Our primary objective is to deliver comprehensive, evidence-based neuropsychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults. We excel in identifying and proposing solutions for a multitude of conditions, including but not limited to ADHD, learning disabilities such as dyslexia, autism spectrum disorders and more.

Understanding and monitoring neurocognitive functioning in everyone is critical to improving health outcomes as a society. For these reasons, we want you to become an advocate of your own brain health. Our goal is to have this fundamental medical data be available to anyone of any age, easy to get, affordable to all, and part of your regular health record.

Our Professional Services

  • Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluations: We conduct meticulous evaluations to determine cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

  • Consultation and Proposals: Customized strategies and assistance for parents and educators.

  • Follow-up and Assistance: Persistent support and follow-up services, tailored to the individual needs of each patient.

Fee Structure

The cost for evaluations varies based on the services required. A standard pediatric neuropsychological evaluation may range from $2,500-4,000, contingent upon referral questions and various other factors. Adult evaluations are usually, but not always, less time and costs. We encourage you to contact us for for further information tailored to your specific situation.

The fee for intervention services and whether the intervention is a covered insurance benefit differ by the type of intervention and a patient’s specific insurance plan.

Estimated Fees by the Hour:

Service Fee
Initial consultation $500
Neuropsychological testing (typically 4-8 hours) $175/hr
Integration by neuropsychologist, test interpretation, and report (typically 2-4 hours) $225/hr
Follow-up w/ neuropsychologist to review results and recommendations (typically 1 hour) $225/hr
Report/letter writing in addition to the standard report $175
Other paperwork requested (Disability, Guardianship, CME, etc.) $25-100

Please note that school advocacy (e.g,. attending IEP meetings) is not a benefit covered by insurance plans. The fee is $300 for the initial hour and $75 for each succeeding 15 minutes.


Note that we do not accept insurance at this time. We will provide you with a detailed “super bill” that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. We recommend that you contact your insurance company to determine your out-of-network benefits.

Payment Procedure

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance companies have what are called “Out of Network” benefits that may cover a portion of the cost of the evaluation if we do not participate in your insurance. You should check with your insurance company to determine what out of network benefits you may be entitled to and to make sure that neuropsychological testing is a covered service. It is also important to ask your insurer whether pre-authorization from the insurance company is necessary before services are provided. We will provide you with information regarding services and fees to assist you with filing out-of-network claims with your insurance company.


It is important that you (1) know whether your insurance needs a referral for neuropsychological testing, and (2) ensure you have procured a referral prior to your scheduled appointment. Referrals typically come with an expiration date and a limited number of visits, hence, it is crucial to track the dates and visits.


In case your insurance company requires authorization for a neuropsychological evaluation, we will complete the necessary paperwork subsequent to the consultation visit. If your doctor is not an “in network provider,” you will need to provide us with the required documents. Authorizations for initial consult visits, if necessary, must be procured through your regular doctor or specialist.


We accept cash, checks, Venmo, Zelle, MasterCard, Visa and AMEX. Payment is due at the time of service. We will provide you with a detailed “super bill” that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. We recommend that you contact your insurance company to determine your out-of-network benefits.